About our founder Peter Nicholas

Peter Nicholas, CEO of HiLife Health and Beauty – a business leader for our times.

About Peter Nicholas, CEO of HiLife Health & Beauty

CEO of HiLife Health & Beauty (HLHB), Sydney-based entrepreneur Peter Nicholas, has a well-deserved reputation as being ‘The King of Beauty’.

With more than 30 years’ experience in Australia’s health and beauty industry, and a long list of best-selling health and beauty products, Peter’s successful development of cosmetics, skincare and health product lines is inspiring.

A self-made man

I think people are born with a genetic aptitude for certain industries, and I have been obsessed with pills and potions since I was a kid.


Peter is Australia’s most successful direct response marketer. He is famous the world over for building successful megabrands in the cosmetics and nutrition sector from scratch.

Peter’s first foray into the beauty industry was with the creation of the breakthrough cosmeceutical brand, Skin Doctors. Peter sold Skin Doctors in over 48 countries worldwide before divesting the hugely popular skincare brand to health and wellbeing industry giant PharmaCare in 2007.

Shortly after, in 2008, he then launched HiLife Health & Beauty, with the now legendary mineral make-up brand Nude by Nature. This make-up business single-handedly revolutionised the Australian beauty industry. Nude By Nature was an overnight success for Peter, achieving a massive 93.39% growth in its first year, a figure that was almost doubled again the following year!



Rapid growth

As the popularity of Nude By Nature grew, Peter developed a stable of popular products under the HLHB banner, and quickly become known for his creation of quality health and beauty products.

Peter’s business rapidly evolved with the development of the Rapid Loss weight loss brand in 2009, an Australian health brand which is synonymous with helping thousands of Australians achieve long lasting healthy lifestyles.

Australians love to use Rapid Loss to lose weight fast, and can’t get enough of Rapid Loss. This popular meal replacement product is available not just via HLHB, but is now sold nationally through supermarkets, chemists and other reputable retailers.

HLHB quickly gained international recognition for offering quality cosmetic and nutrition products, and in 2012 BRW Magazine awarded the company the prestigious title of Australia’s No.1 Fastest Growing Company in its 100 Fast Starters list.

As Rapid Loss continued to grow, Peter went on to create the renowned Immortal Cream, the extremely popular anti-ageing cream that has taken Australia by storm. Inspired by the Immortal Jellyfish and containing Juvefoxo, with Immortal Cream Peter is helping countless Australians achieve younger looking skin, and has created a beauty trend that sees no signs of slowing down. 

Amongst the other megabrands HLHB has created with Peter at the helm include the Derma Research range of beauty treatment creams, Relaxaderm and Fatblaster, for which Peter was awarded one of the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry’s most prestigious awards, the Diana Award.


A visionary with business-savvy and drive


“I believe that courage is the key to success in business and entrepreneurship.”

Peter is passionate about the health and beauty industry he has dedicated his life to revolutionising, and is serious about improving the lives of the people who buy his exciting lifestyle products.

He loves nothing more than to spend his time travelling the world in search of beauty solutions and product breakthroughs that will transform people’s lives.

While he continues to develop innovative products such as Beauty By Nicholas, Peter is currently concentrating on expanding his brand portfolio into Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East.

And it is Peter’s personal drive and ambition to grow his health and beauty business that has been recognised by other industry leaders and business commentators on many occasions.

As well as the award bestowed on HLHB in 2012 as Australia’s Fastest Growing Company, Peter himself has featured multiple times in Australia’s BRW Young Rich list.

A man of many passions

As well as his dedication to HLHB and the health, nutrition and beauty industries, Peter is sport and book lover.

Peter is a passionate supporter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC) and has built a private gym and training area to support and manage Australian cage fighters including Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palelei and Hector Lombard. He is also a major sponsor and partner of MMA (mixed martial arts), kickboxing and boxing events around Australia.

A self-confessed bibliophile and avid collector, when Peter isn’t working hard on HLHB or at the gym, you will probably find him selecting a title from his extensive personally-curated library of books and reading materials.

In exclusive company

In 2009, Peter recognised Jacinta Campbell as an up and coming beauty queen and made her the face of his number 1 selling make-up brand, Nude By Nature.

He has also worked with a long list of local celebrities and media personalities such as Ada Nicodemou (Home and Away), Elyse Taylor (Model), Tegan Martin (Miss Universe), Laura Csortan (Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here), Larry Emdur, Karen Ledbury (The Morning Show), Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Rachael Finch, Shannan Ponton, Kris Smith and Karl Stefanovic.

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